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"Thank you for this Bible summit. I am continuing to watch the videos through my Pass and grateful that all these wonderful videos are available after this weekend! I am so looking forward to continue visiting this site! What a blessing!!! May the Lord abundantly bless you all!!" -Carol R.

"You are amazing. Thank you all for such a wonderful weekend. Thank you also for making the All Access Pass available and affordable. I will continue to enjoy all these wonderful presenters since I was not able to listen to all yet. Praying for all of you. Love you all." -Maria S.

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Exclusive Premiere Sessions 

Ten in-depth sessions exploring fascinating topics with Mark Hart and special guests including: Fr. Mike Schmitz, Chris Stefanick, Lisa Brenninkmeyer, Fr. Josh Johnson, Dr. John Bergsma, Jenna Guizar, Pat Madrid, Lino Rulli, Fr. Anthony Sortino, and Sr. Joseph Andrew.

Each comes with a downloadable worksheet to help you immediately implement real change into your life.

LIVE Expert Panel Discussions 

View recordings of the two exciting LIVE expert panel discussions with Mark Hart and special guests - including:Trent Horn, Mari Pablo, Fr. Ryan Mann, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Sarah Swafford, Chris Padgett and Fr. John Parks. You'll have the chance to submit questions and interact with other participants as well! 

Bonus Presentations

  • A 6-Part audio presentation by Dr. Scott Hahn, Can You Trust the Bible?
    ($20 value...unlocks immediately after purchase).
  • Two bonus talks by host Mark Hart, The Relentless Father and God's Great Masterpiece

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  • Lifetime on-demand access to 84 Summit presentations ($99 value) 
  • Nine Expert Workshops exploring topics in-depth. 
  • Ten Premiere Sessions with Mark Hart and special guests, including: Fr. Mike Schmitz, Lisa Brenninkmeyer, Chris Stefanick, Fr. Josh Johnson, Dr. John Bergsma, Jenna Guizar, Lino Rulli, Patrick Madrid, Fr. Antony Sortino and Sr. Joseph Andrew  ($25 value)
  • Two LIVE expert panel discussions with Mark Hart, Trent Horn, Mari Pablo, Fr. Ryan Mann, Sarah Swafford , Chris Padgett and Fr. John Parks
  • A 6-Part BONUS audio presentation by Dr. Scott Hahn, Can You Trust the Bible?  ($20 value) 
  • Two BONUS talks by host Mark Hart, The Relentless Father and God's Great Masterpiece 
  • Audio mp3 downloads of the entire 110-talk summit library ($39 value)!  
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