The WORD 2021 Summit Agenda

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Thursday, February 11th:

  • 5 PM: PREMIERE SESSION: Jenna Guizar & Mark Hart Finding That “Balance” with Work and Family (All Access Pass)
  • 9 PM: LIVE Panel with Mark Hart, Fr. Ryan Mann, Trent Horn & Mari Pablo - What Catholics (Actually) Believe: How to Explain and Articulate the Faith in the 21st Century (All Access Pass)

Friday, February 12th:

  • 10 AM LIVE Prayer with Sarah Christmyer - Scripture Reflection and Prayer  (Free to all attendees)
  • 11 AM PREMIERE SESSION: Sr. Joseph Andrew & Mark Hart - Getting Into a “Rhythm” of Prayer (All Access Pass)
  • 1 PM PREMIERE SESSION: Dr. John Bergsma & Mark Hart  - Simplifying the Gospel Message (All Access Pass)
  • 3 PM PREMIERE SESSION: Fr. Anthony Sortino & Mark Hart - Healing your Past for a Holier Future (All Access Pass)
  • 5 PM PREMIERE SESSION: Lisa Brenninkmeyer & Mark Hart - Making Scripture the Heart of the Home (All Access Pass)
  • 9 PM: LIVE Panel with Mark Hart, Sarah Swafford, Chris Padgett, Chika Anyanwu & Fr. John Parks - Holding onto Joy: Finding Hope and Inspiration to Weather the Storm (All Access Pass)

Saturday, February 13th: 

  • 10 AM: LIVE Prayer with Sr. Joseph Andrew (Free to all attendees)
  • 11 AM:PREMIERE SESSION: Fr. Josh Johnson & Mark Hart - Fostering Unity When the Devil Divides (All Access Pass)
  • 1 PM: PREMIERE SESSION: Pat Madrid & Mark Hart - Biblical Answers to the Biggest Misconceptions of the Catholic Faith (All Access Pass)
  • 3 PM: PREMIERE SESSION: Lino Rulli & Mark Hart - How the Word Really Comes to Life in Your Life (All Access Pass)
  • 5 PM: PREMIERE SESSION: Chris Stefanick & Mark Hart - Biblical Tips for Living Your Best Life (All Access Pass)
  • 7 PM: PREMIERE SESSION: Fr. Mike Schmitz & Mark Hart - Making Scripture a Part of Your Everyday Life (All Access Pass)
  • 9 PM: Mark Hart & Sarah Kroger - Closing Session (Free to all attendees)

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  • Everything included in the 3-Day Pass, PLUS…
  • Lifetime on-demand access to 84 Summit presentations ($99 value)
  • Ten Premiere Sessions with Mark Hart and special guests, including: Fr. Mike Schmitz, Chris Stefanick, Lisa Brenninkmeyer, Fr. Josh Johnson, Dr. John Bergsma, Jenna Guizar, Lino Rulli, Patrick Madrid, Fr. Antony Sortino and Sr. Joseph Andrew  ($25 value)
  • Two Interactive LIVE Expert Panel Discussions with Mark Hart and special guests - including: Trent Horn, Mari Pablo, Fr. Ryan Mann, Sarah Swafford, Chris Padgett, Chika Anyanwu and Fr. John Parks
  • Audio mp3 downloads of everything! ($39 value)
  • A 6-Part BONUS audio presentation by Dr. Scott Hahn, Can You Trust the Bible?  ($20 value)
  • Two BONUS talks by host Mark Hart, The Relentless Father and God's Great Masterpiece
  • Support the Presenters during this difficult time.
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