The International Catholic Bible Summit

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- Do you wish you could have clarity about God's will for your life in big and small decisions?

- Do you want to begin reading the Bible, or maybe you've begun and would like to go deeper?


- Are you searching for hope, but finding it difficult to keep a positive outlook? 


The WORD 2021 will help you find clarity, hope, and joy, even in the midst of uncertain times. 


70 Special Guests, Including:

Mark Hart, host

Life Teen

Fr. Mike Schmitz

Diocese of Duluth

Danielle Bean

Dr. Scott & Kimberly Hahn

St. Paul Center

Chris Stefanick

Real Life Catholic

Lisa Brenninkmeyer

Walking with Purpose

Christopher West

TOB Institute

Jenna Guizar

Blessed is She

Damon Owens

Joyful Ever After

Curtis Martin


Jason & Crystalina Evert

Chastity Project

Fr. Josh Johnson

Baton Rouge Diocese

Jeff Cavins


Dr. Edward Sri


Bobby & Jackie Angel


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70+ Presentations

Hear from the most beloved and trusted experts in the Church today!

8 Premiere Events

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LIVE  Expert Panels

Dive deep with our expert panels into issues that truly impact your life.

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Hope, Answers, Peace.

The WORD 2021 will help you hear God's voice and find clarity in life’s endless challenges.


Join us and discover...

  • How to find unshakeable hope and peace no matter what you're going through.

  • How to break open the Bible and hear what God is saying to you right now.

  • The keys to unlocking a deeper prayer life.

  • Where to turn in times of suffering.

  • The keys to overcoming doubt and share your faith with others

  • How to find balance and recalibrate your family with the Word of God.

          ... and much more! 

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Steve Ray

Fr. James Mallon

Dr. Bob Rice

Dr. John Bergsma

Chika Anyanwu

Marcel LeJeune

Patrick Madrid

Matthew Leonard

Paul Albert

Dr. Andrew Swafford

Sarah Swafford

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Joel Stepanek

Fr. Rob Galea

Bill Donaghy

Sonja Corbitt

Elizabeth Foss

Jon Leonetti

Ennie Hickman

Chris Padgett

Sarah Christmyer

Mary Bielski

Bill Marcotte

Kelly Wahlquist

Steve Angrisano

Justin Fatica

Chris Wesley

Clay Imoo

Colin MacIver

Curtis Mitch

Doug Tooke

Matt Swaim

Jason Deuterman

Karen May

Mari Pablo

Matt Regitz

Mike Carotta

Amanda Grubbs

Lisa Cotter

Dr. Ryan Hanning

Tim Glemkowski

Katie Prejean McGrady

Steve Greene

Robert Feduccia

Fr. Joe Espaillat

Dr. James Pauley

Dr. Kristin Witte

Chris Mueller

Joe Cady

Becky Greene

Kevin Saunders

Jen Settle

David Calavitta

Sr. Joseph Andrew, O.P.

Fr. John Muir

And more!

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