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The St. Paul Center is passionate about promoting life-transforming Scripture study in the Catholic tradition. This means more than helping people to know their way around the Bible. It means helping them enter into the heart of the living Word of God and to be transformed and renewed by this encounter.

Are you ready to be transformed? 

Our workshop at this summit will explore the why’s and how’s of Bible study and give you a sneak peek at tools and lessons that make it a transformative and life-changing experience.

Consider this summit to be your warm-up. Now you can put what you’re learning into immediate action!  Prepare for a transformative Lenten experience and join us for FREE in  Dr. Scott Hahn's new Bible study.

Join our FREE Lenten Study!
Parousia: The Bible and the Mass
Starts Ash Wednesday


Founded in 1865, Ave Maria Press is recognized as a leader in publishing Catholic high school religion textbooks, parish resources, and books on prayer and spirituality. 

And now, we are the home of the groundbreaking Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible.

Be sure to check out Sarah Christmyer's Workshop: A Bible You Can Live In! — How to Choose (and Use) Your Bible. 

Download 40 Days in the Bible, a FREE Lenten Reading Plan.

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Hallow is the #1 Catholic prayer and meditation app that helps users deepen their relationship with God through audio-guided contemplative prayer.

With +1,000 audio-guided prayers ranging from a Minute Meditations to a Holy Hour, you can grow closer to God each day. Meditate on the Daily Gospel or Rosary, find peace with curated music and hymns, or close your day with Night Prayer or a Bible story from one of your favorite Catholic speakers such as Fr. Mike Schmitz, Jason Evert, Fr. Josh Johnson, and Jackie Angel.

Fall asleep easier, reduce anxiety, go deeper in prayer, gain strength, find peace, and heal with Hallow.

Watch our Workshop on the Examen plus see Hallow from the inside.

Get access to all of Hallow's premium content FREE for 3-months (all of Lent)

Real Life Catholic is on a mission to ignite a bold and contagious faith in the heart of every Catholic.

Why am I here? What is the life I was made for? Is there a God? Does He even care about me?

These are questions we all ask ourselves. Are there answers? Can true peace be found? The Search unapologetically reveals that you were made for God, that your home is found beyond yourself, and that Jesus is the way.

This Lent, we are inviting YOU to journey through The Search with your own small group (and if you don't have a small group yet...we encourage you to start one! It's easy, and The Search is a great resource to start with). In fact, each week Chris Stefanick will be guiding us throughout Lent on how to use The Search in your own small group during his weekly show The Life You Were Made For.

Get The Search
(You may already have access to The Search through your Parish's subscription to FORMED.)

 Liturgical, Scriptural, Digital, Catholic.

Study Scripture and Tradition on your phone, tablet, and computer with Verbum Catholic Software.

Join our Workshop with Sonja Corbitt and TL Putnam: The Secret to Taking Your Bible Study to Expert Level!


Save 20% on all Verbum software levels.

Select International Tours and Cruises faithfully organizes pilgrimage group tours for exceptional Catholic clergy, evangelists, speakers, authors and group leaders.

We share your faith and give back to the Christian Community living in the Holy Land.

The Fifth Gospel: The Holy Land and the Bible presented by evangelist, teacher, and pilgrimage leader Hector Molina is a Workshop featuring footage from the Holy Land you won't want to miss.

Book ANY 2021 or 2022 trip and get $500-off per couple!

Recognized by faithful readers, theologians, and biblical scholars for decades as an excellent source for theological works, Ignatius Press has also emerged as a preeminent publisher of Catholic Bibles.

From our best-selling Ignatius Bible to our valuable Study Bible series to our new Journaling and Note Taking Bible, Ignatius Press publishes a wide array of options for studying and learning from the Word of God, from the very youngest readers up to in depth theological examination.

Make sure you see Mark Brumley's fascinating Workshop, Reading the Bible as a Catholic.

Get a coupon for $10.00 off shipping on your next Ignatius Press order!

Life Teen exists to lead teenagers closer to Jesus Christ as disciples. We believe that when a teenager encounters Jesus Christ through the beauty of the Catholic faith, they will transform their parish, community, and culture. For this reason, we are innovative in our efforts to form teenagers as disciples and evangelists. 

At The Word Summit, we will be discussing how you can help teenagers fall in love with sacred scripture, whether you are a parent, youth minister, priest, or an adult that has the trust of a teenager and wants to help them know Christ.

Be sure to see our Workshop: Help Teens Fall in Love with Christ through His Word!


Is your parish looking to help form teenagers as disciples? We want to serve you - reach out to us here.

Theology of the Body Institute is dedicated to making the profound riches of Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body accessible and applicable in the lives of men and women around the world through an array of outreach and educational offerings, including live and online courses, a certification program, live events, resources, podcasts, YouTube channel, social media and our Patron Community.

During this Summit, the Institute has THREE presentations for you:

Dr. Christopher West, "You Are My Beloved Son"

Bill Donaghy, “10 Characters in the Bible Your Kids Need to Meet”

Jen Settle, "Surrendering to God’s Word: How Scripture Speaks Into Our Discernment"

If you want a Theology of the Body primer before diving into those reflections, visit part one our Workshop with Bill Donaghy's TOB101 beautiful presentation: "Theology of the Body: An Introduction in Being Human" then join us for part 2!

Join the Institute's Patron Community and be part of our global mission.