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We Promise a Unique Experience.  There’s A LOT of noise and online offerings competing for your attention. We have gone to great lengths to make sure the presentations and workshops are thematically coherent, are of the highest quality, are authentically Catholic, and are delivered to you in a simple, user-friendly way. 

Free Top-Tier Content. 70 of the most trusted and inspirational Catholic Bible experts in the Church today will be showing you how to confidently and quickly approach the Bible for answers, hope, and peace in your day-to-day challenges and struggles.

You Need This. Especially with COVID lockdowns and restrictions still in place for many, it is vital that you stay connected to and recharged by your Catholic faith. A record number of people are experiencing hardships, anxiety, as well as emotional and spiritual struggles. The Bible needs to be part of your daily routine. This event will help you do it. 

The All Access Pass. The pass includes lifetime access to all 70+ presentations, the LIVE Expert Panel Q&A sessions, plus Bonuses... all for only $39.99 

Support Catholic Ministries. 100% of the summit proceeds go directly to supporting the presenters, ministries, and Catholic organizations during this difficult time.


Join the biggest ever gathering of Catholic Bible experts. 

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