Summit Speakers

Jackie Angel:
Finding Balance In The Craziness Of Mom Life

Elise Arellano:
Single Moms: The Gift Of Allowing Others To Help Carry Your Cross

Rachel Balducci:
Are You Too Busy? A Real Life Plan For Balancing Your Schedule And Making Time For What Really Matters

Pam Barnhill:
A Liturgy of Love: Using a Morning Meeting to Set the Tone for Your Day

Mary Ellen Barrett:
Becoming The Mother Of An Adult: Transitioning From Baby Mom To Adult Mom

Deanna Bartalini:
Our Children Are Not Our Own

Dr. Sarah Bartel:
Praying With My Husband Makes Me A Better Mom

Danielle Bean:
10 Things Happy Moms Know

Live Session Sunday @ 10:15 PM ET: Closing Gathering

Kari Beckman:
The Temperament God Gave your Children: A Mom's Guide to Raising Souls

Celeste Behe:
Meal Planning And Prep Tips For Busy Moms

Laura Berquist:
Every Mom Is A Homeschooler

Lisa Brenninkmyer:
The Art Of Creating Community / Self

Rachel Bulman:
Why Mothers Are Great Philosophers

Sr. Helena Burns:
You Can't Have It All

Live Session Friday @ 5:30 ET: Parenting the Media

Lisa Canning:
Why Your Dreams Are Not Selfish - and How to Make Them Come to Life

Live Session Saturday @ 11:30 AM ET: How to Know When You're Ready for Another Baby

Madeline Carrington:
How Motherhood Changes Your Relationship With God

Nicole Caruso:
How To Balance It All While Keeping Your Sanity
A Make Up Tutorial for Busy Moms

Sarah Christmyer:
Children Who Stray: Once A Mother Always A Mother

Live Session Saturday @ 10:00 AM ET: Scripture Reflection and Prayer for Moms

Adele Collins:
Developing A Family Plan Of Life

Sonja Corbitt:
The Joys And Challenges Of Modeling Our Motherhood After Mary

Lisa Cotter:
8 Simple Ways To Be A Better Mom Today

Gretchen Crowe:
The Power Of The Rosary For Mothers

Moira Modern:
Talking To Your Kids About Sex And Theology Of The Body

January Donovan:
How To Dream Together With Your Husband

Colleen Duggan:
Teach Your Children To Hear God's Voice In 4 Easy Steps

Karen Edmisten:
Healing After Miscarriages

Crystalina Evert:
Forming Your Children’s Conscience: Help your children hear the voice of God when you are not around and make right decision.

Live Session Sunday @ 9 ET: Embracing Joy: How to Overcome Your Past and Become the Mom God Made You to Be

Michele Faehnle:
Divine Mercy For Mom's - Finding Peace In Your Struggles With The Divine Mercy Devotion

Sam Fatzinger:
A Catholic Guide To Spending Less And Living More

Marge Fenelon:
Real Forgiveness Is R.A.R.E

Elizabeth Foss:
You Can Do It and So Can They; Incorporating Work Into Your Family's Lifestyle

Live Session Friday @ 9 ET: How to Take Care of Your Husband (and why it's important!)

Cameron Fradd:
Don't Listen to Lies: Know who you are and the great things God calls you to

Live Session Friday @ 4 ET: Coping With a Crisis: How to Get Through Hard Times as a Family

Abby Fredrickson:
Introduction To Catholic Meditation

Karianna Frey:
What'll we fall for? Defining and truly living out your catholic values

Live Session Saturday @ 3 ET: Creative Ways to Pray All Day

Allison Gingras:
Grace Trifecta: Prayer, Sacrament And Scripture

Ana Glaze:
7 Ways To Build A Healthy Friendship With Your In- Laws

Pat Gohn:
A Mother's Intercession - Don't Be Afraid To A.S.K.

Kimberly Hahn:
Chosen And Cherished: Biblical Wisdom For Your Marriage

Liv Harrison:
You Don't Have the Family You Planned For: How to Believe You Are Catholic Enough

Lisa Hendey:
Sandwiched: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Parents

Alicia Hernon:
Preparing Your Daughter For Adolescence

Emily Jaminet:
Strengthening Your Marriage And Family Through The Sacred Heart Devotion

Heather Johnson:
Finding Joy In Motherhood

Maria Johnson:
Seeking Heroic Virtue: Lessons On Holiness From Superheroes And Saints

Joy Katigbak:
Discovering Your Feminine Genius In Motherhood

Heather Khym:
How To Face Spiritual Battles And Declare Truth For Your Children

Tami Kiser:
Why We Need Nature; How We Can Give Our Children More

Chloe Langr:
Different Moms, Different Ways To Pray

Mary Lenaburg:
Dealing with a husband who uses porn

Live Session Saturday @ 7 ET: That Didn’t Go As Planned

Susie Lloyd:
Homeschooling: Starting Right And Sticking With It

Rakhi McCormick:
A Truce On The Mom Wars: The Critical Role Of Community In Embracing Your Unique Motherhood

Patti Maguire Armstrong:
How To Break The Gossip Habit

Noelle Mering:
Contending With The Distortions Of Womanhood

Anna Mitchell:
Redemptive Motherhood / Our Lady Of Sorrows And The Power Of Prayer

Melanie Owens:
4 Ways Motherhood Changes You For The Better

Linda Padgett:
Build the Kind of Marriage your Kids Will Want to Have

Lisa Popcak:
The Corporal Works of Mommy

Samantha Povlock:
Motherhood As The Heart Of Catholic Feminism

Katie Prejean McGrady:
Recalibratinng And Balancing: Working From Home And Making It Work

Lila Rose:
Motherhood: The Most Important Job in the World

Dr. Monique Ruberu:
The Truth About Birth Control

Live Session Saturday @ 4:30 ET: Three Tips to Superpower Your Marriage

Ramie Samour:
Discovering Your Dignity & Beauty And Helping Your Daughter(s) To Do The Same

Tina Rodriguez:
Its Ok To Not Be Ok: Relying On God's Grace And Mercy

Lindsay Schlegel:
15 Soul Satisfying Things To Do On Your Phone

Megan Schrieber:
Finding Healing In Jesus

Beth Sri:
Birthing 101: What I Wish I Knew in My First Four Pregnancies

Live Session Friday @ 7 ET: Burnout is Real: How to Cope When You Just Can't Any More

Meghan Sokolowski
Live Session Sunday @ 2:30 ET: Dress your Shape - Understanding the Do's and Don'ts of Your Unique Body Type

Natalie Stefanick:
How Motherhood Healed Me From Sex Abuse Wounds

Live Session Sunday @ 4 ET: How Motherhood Healed Me From Sex Abuse Wounds

Haley Stewart:
How You Can Adopt Mary's Life-Changing Advent Spirit

Carolyn Svellinger:
Special Needs Parenting

Sarah Swafford:
Transitioning To Newlywed To Newly Having Kids

Amanda Teixeria:
A Proverbs 31 Guide To Family Finances

Kendra Tierney:
Liturgical Living in Prayer and Practice

Live Session Sunday @ 5:30 ET: Always Mean What You Say: Simple Parenting Techniques to Get Out of Survival Mode and Into Catholic Family Life

Elizabeth Tomlin:
Reaching Balance Through Recalibration

Sr. Nancy Usselmann:
A Media Spirituality For A Digital Age

Kelly Wahlquist:
I Can’t Social Distance Anymore, I’m Radically Relational!

Live Session Sunday @ 7:30 ET: No Need to Worry—Ever Again

Linda Wansi:
Pursuing Holiness As A Single Mom

Katie Warner:
3 Simple Tools To Form Your Children Into Little Disciples

Stephanie Weinert:
The Discipline Of Self Care

Lisa Wheeler:
Inside The Messy - Beautiful Life Of Foster Parenting

Kathryn Whitaker:
Littles And Bigs: How Tantrums Prepared Me For Teenagers

Live Session Saturday @ 1:15 ET: Teens and Phones

Kate Wicker:
When there is no peace in motherhood - coping with anxiety and depression as a mom

Live Session Saturday @ 9 ET: Build a Better Body Image: Learning to Love the Way God Made You

Jennier Willits:
Ways To Love Your Husband If He Suffers From Depression

Emily Wilson:
What St. Joan Of Arc Can Teach Us About Motherhood