Experience the Renewal of Your Motherhood

Moms we get it - you are wiped out helping everyone but yourself! That's why we made this 15-part collection that will inspire, refresh and renew you in your mission as mother. Designed with the busy mom in mind, this series can be listened to in the car or viewed at home! 

“Wow, wow, wow! Literally in tears after listening to this talk. It was completely powerful and just what I needed to hear as a mother.”


“This talk is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment.”


“I am learning so much. The speakers are so honest and give us the truth to trust in God and surrender to his will.”

Inspirational & Practical Talks for Busy Moms

We've selected 15 of the most popular presentations from the ground breaking 2020 Catholic Moms Summit. Presented by some of the most trusted and respected female voices in the Church today, these inspirational, practical and joy-filled talks are sure to be a welcome and valued gift for yourself or another mom in your life! 

15 Talks to Renew Your Purpose in Motherhood

  1. 8 Simple Ways to be a Better Mom Today (Lisa Cotter)
  2. Know Who You Are & The Great Things God Calls You To Do (Cameron Fradd)
  3.  Praying with My Husband Makes Me a Better Mom (Sarah Bartel)
  4. Biblical Wisdom for your Marriage (Kimberly Hahn)
  5. Are You Too Busy? (Rachel Balducci
  6. The Joys & Challenges of Modeling Our Motherhood After Mary (Sonja Corbitt)
  7. Motherhood the Most Important Job in the World (Lila Rose)
  8. You Can Be a Great Mom & Pursue Your Dreams at the Same Time (Lisa Canning
  9. The Truth About Birth Control (Dr. Monique Ruberu
  10. Forming Your Child's Conscience (Crystalina Evert)
  11. Teens & Phones (Kathryn Whitaker
  12. Talking To Your Kids About Sex (Moira Modern)
  13. Dress your Shape (Meghan Sokolowski
  14. A Makeup Tutorial For Busy Moms (Nicole Caruso)
  15. The Art of Creating Community (Lisa Brenninkmyer)

Embrace: A Mother's Collection


A Mother's Collection Special Offer

The Mother's Collection: 

  • 15 inspiring video presentations to renew your mission as mother.
  • On-the-go listening via mp3 audio download, perfect for listening in the car! 
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