Commonly Asked Questions

RISE is a 30-day challenge designed to help men craft a battle plan for life. When you take the RISE 30-day challenge, you will gain the tools you need to take your life and relationships to the next level.  

Each day you will watch a video, and then below it will be inspirational content and a challenge based on whether you're single, married with kids at home, married with no kids at home, or separated/divorced/widowed. You will also be journeying together with men throughout the world and have access to the daily comments. Your challenge should be completed on that day. If you are faithful to the 30-days of challenges, you will experience a profound re-orientation in your own life and in your relationships with those around you.

When you sign up for the challenge that begins on a specific date (e.g. March 6, 2019) you will have access to the videos and content beginning on that date. Each day you'll receive an email saying new content is available. You can access the daily videos and challenges by clicking the link in the email, or simply logging in to your account at  There are start-dates being added throughout the year. 

*You will always have lifetime access to RISE, even after the 30 days are complete.

Recommended Age: The challenge was designed for adult men (18+), but may be appropriate for very mature teens. Parents of teens are encouraged to screen the content first. There are themes of loss, tragedy, and addiction in some of the stories we highlight, and we do get into issues of chastity and pornography a little later on during Week 3.

The daily commitment is about five minutes (we suggest in the morning) for 26 of the days. There are four days with men’s stories, which are around seven minutes long... so those days require about 10 minutes.

Also, you’re given a very practical challenge each day that you can accomplish on your own schedule. They’re simple but transformational. So, they don’t take a lot of time per se, but help you focus on the major themes of each week (We are Sons, Brothers, Spouses, Fathers). The challenges are quite impactful since they push you to examine your own heart, and how you’re loving yourself and those around you.

Absolutely. RISE is a personal journey for each individual man, but it is designed to work perfectly in a parish and for existing men's groups. We give leaders the tools needed to run a very effective challenge for the men in their parish... and not just for those who are already a part of a men's ministry. RISE casts a wide net and helps you start the conversation with men who normally wouldn't show up to a "Church program." While you may offer a meeting-time and run a group, many other men in the parish can still do RISE on their own. 

As a parish leader, you can review RISE at no cost. Please click here for access.

We provide a leader's guide, videos, posters, flyers, announcements, etc. to help you get the word out and see hundreds of men at your parish commit to the challenge to become who they were created to be.

Please visit our parish page for these downloads and more information.

RISE is just about a dollar a day ($32 per individual), and that includes processing and tax. The investment in yourself, and in the relationships with those you love is priceless. For around the cost of a burger and beer, you will be given practical tools to make real and lasting change in your life. If you are unable to afford RISE, please contact us at [email protected]

Do you offer discounts? We priced RISE at $1/day in hopes that it would be affordable for most every man who is willing to invest in himself and his family/friends. In order to continue to support this vital project, we do not have bulk discounts. But, if you cannot afford the $32, we will work with you to help you take the challenge. We have not turned anyone away who can't afford the investment. 

How much will RISE cost our parish? There’s no cost to your parish. As a leader you’re also able to review the 30-day challenge for 14 days at no cost. You can see all the videos and challenges, and also see how fruitful the men's engagement has been by viewing their responses in the comments sections. Click here to review.

The parish simply directs each man to sign up individually at We also provide you with a free leader’s guide and promotional resources to run weekly meetings during the challenge. See all resources here.

Do you offer a bulk license for the parish? RISE is intentionally very different from other online platforms of Catholic content, and we don’t offer bulk licenses for a parish.

This is because the RISE Challenge and the coming RISE Life Series are not an online parish library, or a "Catholic Netflix®," but a carefully crafted plan for men to take their lives to the next level. We show you where to begin, and provide the tools along the way to see real and lasting results. We don't want men to become passive consumers of content. We help them engage real life situations and struggles armed with new tools and insights that are proven to help them grow in faith and joy.

Can I get a refund? We have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so at any time during the 30-day challenge you can request a refund by emailing us at [email protected]

We suggest you journey with another “brother” through the 30-day challenge. It’s not required but a great part of the program. 

If you can’t find a “brother” you’ll still get a lot out of it through the online community. In fact, many men have who don’t have a “brother” have asked in the comments section if they can pair up with someone else. Most have been successful in finding someone to take the challenge with.

Attached here is the brotherhood guide. You’ll see we just suggest a brief touch-base each day if possible.

Yes. If your parish is paying for your men, or if the parish wants to collect registration fees and make one payment on behalf of the men, the process is the same:

We ask that you collect the names and emails of each man using the registration spreadsheet found at the bottom of this page, and email them to us at [email protected]. We would need the names before 3 pm on the eve of your start-date to ensure everyone is uploaded into the challenge. Each man will get an automatic email welcoming him to the challenge along with login information.

We can invoice you and you may pay by check, or you may pay via credit card as well.

Additional Men:
Many men join a few days after the start-date because they're invited by the men who are in it already and seeing the power of RISE. If you need to add more men after you've sent the original list of names, that's no problem. Just send the additional names/emails to us by the Friday after your start-date and we'll add them in and work out payment details with you. 

Because of our privacy policy, we are not able to share individual names. But, there are two options.

First, you can direct men to a table in the narthex/outside after masses and collect their info there. Direct them to sign-up at but it will give you a good idea of who is potentially registering and you can follow-up with them.

Second, your parish can collect the names/emails and payment from each man, and make one payment to Cardinal Studios LLC. Please see the "Can our parish sponsor our men..." question above for instructions.

We're thrilled to hear you want to restart the challenge again! You will always have lifetime access to the all the videos, content, and online comments, and will not need to pay again.

Differences in going through RISE again
There are a couple differences when going through RISE a second time. Since the daily emails are tied to your original email address, you would only receive them the first time. And, if you've marked your challenges as 'completed', one option would be to go back and uncheck all of those to keep track. You could choose to simply keep things as is and just remember to login again each day.
If you'd like RISE to work the same as it did the first time with the daily emails, and have a different email address, you can just provide that to us. The only difference would be using a different login.  
I paid for RISE twice, what are my options?
Many of the men who restart the RISE challenge go through again with a different 'brother' (family member, coworker, neighbor, etc.). In these instances, we offer an option to 'gift' RISE to others. We also offer a scholarship fund for those who can’t afford it. And, of course, we can provide a refund.
If you decide to gift your additional purchase to someone else, please email us at [email protected] with their name and email address, and we will get him entered into the system.

Yes! If you wish to give this as a gift to one person, please purchase the gift offer by clicking here and completing the checkout. You'll be asked to fill in his name, email and start date. Be advised he will receive an email confirmation as soon as you check-out.

If you wish to purchase RISE for yourself and a brother to journey along with you, please purchase our Brother Pack offer by clicking here and completing the checkout. You'll be asked to confirm your name, email and start date and also fill in his name, email and start date. Be advised he will receive an email confirmation as soon as you check-out.

If you want to give RISE to more than one person, please email us at [email protected]

To download a pdf of the gift membership that can be emailed or printed, please click here

Yes! The RISE® Spanish Edition (LEVÁNTATE) contains challenges and content in Spanish along with subtitles on the videos. 

The RISE® Membership is the "next step" for individuals and groups after the RISE® 30-day challenge. This is a new vision for Catholic men who want to go deeper into the real issues we face. Learn More Here.

We do not have a DVD or downloadable option. The videos are all online and the online written content was designed to work seamlessly with them. You will, however, always have access to the content, so if you miss a few days, you’ll be able to catch back up.

If you're not on wifi, RISE will also work on your smartphone via cellular, but of course data will be used. A library, coffee shop, etc. are options as well.

I forgot my login/password. If you're not sure about your login details, please visit: and click on the "forgot password" link at the bottom. An email will be sent to the address that was used when you first purchased RISE, and you'll be able to reset your password.

I did not receive a daily email. Please check your spam/junk folder since it may have been sent there. You can login by going to to see today’s video and challenge. The daily email just links you there to login. Once in, each day you can refresh and click the arrow under the video player to move to the next day’s content.

When I login I am taken to an offer page. There is an issue with your browser’s cookies. Please clear your cookies and cache under your History. Here is a link to show how that can be done across the various devices and browsers.

I am going through RISE again, can I still get the daily emails? Many men go through the challenge again and again with a new "brother" each time.  We don't have the ability to resend the daily emails since they are automated based on your initial start-date. However, may we suggest that you add the login link ( as a favorite on your browser so that you can easily access it daily? Many men just keep the browser window open on their computer or phone, and click through one day at a time to go through the challenge again.

We want to help! The quickest way to get ahold of us is to fill out the form on the Contact Us page by clicking here. We will be back in touch ASAP. You can also call us at 800-588-1422 and leave a voicemail.


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