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Hello, Beautiful Mama!

I'm Danielle Bean, the host of the Summit, a wife and mom, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to this amazing collection of presentations and resources curated specifically for Catholic moms!

So many of us struggle to find joy within our vocation of motherhood, and this Summit is here to help you do exactly that. Our dynamic presenters share inspiration, wisdom, and encouragement from a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. God bless you!

You'll discover...

  • How to balance your never-ending obligations and expectations.

  • Why inadequacy, guilt, and regret plague all of us, and how to move past these robbers of joy.

  • How to avoid overwhelm and actually recharge!

  • What’s really at the root of a general feeling of unhappiness and what to do about it!

  • Practical step-by-step advice on parenting, marriage, work, health, prayer!

          ... and much more!


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Featuring 83 Amazing Presenters!

Danielle Bean, Host

"What Happy Moms Know"

Melanie Owens

"4 Ways Motherhood Changes You for the Better"

Lisa Brenninkmeyer

"The Art of Creating Community"

Crystalina Evert

"Forming Your Children’s Conscience"

Lisa Hendey

"Sandwiched: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Parents"

Lila Rose

"Motherhood: The Most Important Job in the World"

Cameron Fradd

"Don't Listen to Lies: Know Who You Are and the Great Things God Calls You To"

Kimberly Hahn

"Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage"

Laura Berquist

"Every Mom is a Homeschooler"

Stephanie Weinert

"The Discipline of Self Care"

Natalie Stefanick

"How Motherhood Has Healed Me of the Wounds of Childhood Sexual Abuse"


Kelly Wahlquist

"I Can’t Social Distance Anymore, I’m Radically Relational!"

Elizabeth Foss

"You Can Do It and So Can They; Incorporating Work Into Your Family's Lifestyle"

Sarah Swafford

"Transitioning from Newlywed to Newly Having Kids"

Emily Wilson

"What St. Joan of Arc Can Teach Us About Motherhood"

Chloe Langr

"Different Moms, Different Ways to Pray"

Jackie Angel

"Helping Moms Get the Break They Need Without Bingeing"

Sr. Helena Raphael Burns

"You Can't Have It All"

Rakhi McCormick

"A Truce on the Mom Wars: The critical role of community in embracing your unique motherhood"

Kendra Tierney

"Liturgical Living in Prayer and Practice"

Allison Gingras

"Grace Trifecta: Prayer, Sacrament and Scripture"

Linda Padgett

"Build the Kind of Marriage Your Kids Will Want to Have"

Annie Mitchell

"Redemptive Motherhood / Our Lady of Sorrows and the Power of Prayer"

Colleen Duggan

"Teach your Children to Hear God's Voice in 4 Easy Steps"

Deanna Bartalini

"Our Children Are Not Our Own"

Emily Jaminet

"Strengthening Your Marriage and Family Through the Sacred Heart Devotion"

Ana Glaze

"Mother-in-Laws; Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them"

Karianna Frey

"What'll We Fall For? Defining and Truly Living Out Your Catholic Values."

Kate Wicker

"When There is No Peace in Motherhood - Coping with Anxiety and Depression as a Mom"

Lisa Canning

"Why Your Dreams Are Not Selfish - and How to Make Them Come to Life"

Marge Steinhage Fenelon

"Real Forgiveness is R.A.R.E"

Patti Maguire Armstrong

"How to Break the Gossip Habit"

Kathryn Whitaker

"Littles and Bigs: How Tantrums Prepared Me for Teenagers"

Maria Johnson

"Seeking Heroic Virtue: Lessons on Holiness from Superheroes and Saints"

MaryEllen Barrett

"Becoming the Mother of an Adult: Transitioning from Baby Mom to Adult Mom"

Megan Schrieber

"Finding Healing in Jesus"

Michele Faehnle

"Divine Mercy for Moms - Finding Peace in Your Struggles with the Divine Mercy Devotion"

Dr. Monique Ruberu

"The Truth About Birth Control"

Sarah Christmyer

"Children Who Stray: Once a Mother Always a Mother"

Moira Modern

"Talking to Your Kids about Sex and Theology of the Body"

Sr. Nancy Usselmann

"A Media Spirituality for a Digital Age"

Pam Barnhill

"A Liturgy of Love: Using a Morning Meeting to Set the Tone for Your Day"

Gretchen Crowe

"The Power of the Rosary for Mothers"

Katie Warner

"3 Simple Tools to Form Your Children into Little Disciples"

Rachel Balducci

"Are You Too Busy? A Real Life Plan For Balancing Your Schedule and Making Time For What Really Matters"

Nicole Caruso

"How to Balance it All While Keeping Your Sanity"

Jennifer Willits

"Ways to Love Your Husband if He Suffers From Depression"

Beth Sri

"Birthing 101: What I Wish I Knew in My First Four Pregnancies"

Rachel Bulman

"Why Mothers are Great Philosophers"

Haley Stewart

"How You Can Adopt Mary's Life-Changing Advent Spirit"

Lindsay Schlegel

"15 Soul Satisfying Things to do on Your Phone"

Noelle Mering

"Contending with the Distortions of Womanhood"

Pat Gohn

"A Mother's Intercession - Don't be Afraid to A.S.K."

Karen Edmisten

"Healing After Miscarriage"

Heather Johnson

"Finding Joy in Motherhood"

Alicia Hernon

"Preparing Your Daughter for Adolescence"

Elizabeth Tomlin

"Reaching Balance through Recalibration"

Heather Khym

"How to Face Spiritual Battles and Declare Truth for Your Children"

January Donovan

"How to Dream Together With Your Husband"

Lisa Cotter

"8 Simple Ways to Be a Better Mom Today"

Lisa Wheeler

"Inside the Messy - The Beautiful Life of Foster Parenting"

Mary Lenaburg

"Dealing with a Husband Who Uses Porn"

Samantha Povlock

"Motherhood as the Heart of Catholic Feminism”

Sarah Bartel

"Praying with My Husband Makes Me a Better Mom"

Katie Prejean McGrady

"Balancing Act: Working From Home and Making it Work"

Susie Lloyd

"Homeschooling: Starting Right and Sticking with it"

Adele Paz Collins

"Developing a Family Plan of Life."

Amanda Teixeira

"A Proverbs 31 Guide to Family Finances"

Sonja Corbitt

"The Joys and Challenges of Modeling Our Motherhood After Mary"

Joy Katigbak

"Discovering Your Feminine Genius in Motherhood"

Liv Harrison

"When You Don’t Have the Family You Planned For: How to Believe You’re Catholic Enough"

Carolyn Sellinger

"Special Needs Parenting"

Elise Arellano

"Single Moms: The Gift of Allowing Others to Help Carry Your Cross"

Tina Santiago Rodriguez

"It's OK to Not be OK: Relying on God's Grace and Mercy"

Madeleine Carrington

"How Motherhood Changes Your Relationship with God."

Abby Fredrickson

"Introduction to Catholic Meditation"

Linda Wansi

"Pursuing Holiness as a Single Mom"

Lisa Popcak

"The Corporal Works of Mommy"

Celeste Behe

"Meal Planning and Prep Tips for Busy Moms"

Tami Kiser

"Why We Need Nature; How We Can Give Our Children More"

Kari Beckman

"The Temperament God Gave your Children: A Mom's Guide to Raising Souls"

Ramie Samour

"Discovering your Dignity & Beauty and Helping Your Daughter(s) to Do the Same"

Sam Fatzinger

"A Catholic Guide to Spending Less and Living More"

And more!

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