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The CATHOLIC MOMS SUMMIT is an opportunity to learn from an extraordinary group of women how to enhance your vocation as a Catholic mother.

Holy Cross Family Ministries and CatholicMom.com are committed to spreading the benefits of family prayer.

We have created the Pray Together Now Family Prayer kit, which accompanies the new film, PRAY: THE STORY OF PATRICK PEYTON go to PrayTogetherNow.com … And remember Father Peyton’s famous message, The family that prays together stays together.

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The Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning (NFP) is objective and user-friendly. It takes the guesswork out of NFP ... even while breastfeeding. Marquette users test their hormones directly, using a fertility monitor, which makes mucus checks unnecessary.

Vitae Fertility Education's instructors are dedicated to helping women understand and interpret the gift of their fertility. We teach online in private, one-on-one sessions, and our learning packages include unlimited follow-ups and prompt, professional answers to all your questions. 

Feeling called to use NFP but concerned about effectiveness? Find out the scientific truth in my plain language, no-fluff guide to NFP effectiveness.

Guide to NFP Effectiveness

TAN Books has one mission: to help people become saints. We do this with an unmatched collection of traditional catholic books spanning centuries of the spiritual and intellectual tradition of Holy Mother Church.

Visit our $5 book selection with over 100 books updating monthly and build your own classic Catholic library or gift a book that can change a life!


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Mothers are often primary caregivers and know what their families need most to succeed. Unbound, an international nonprofit founded by lay Catholics, has designed programs in true partnership with mothers, empowering them to participate in choosing benefits and services for their children. 

Unbound is grounded in the Gospel call to put the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable first. We build relationships of mutual respect that bridge cultural, religious and economic divides. Working in 19 countries, we bring people together to challenge poverty in innovative ways.

Learn how mothers around the world are transforming their families and communities.

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Ave Maria University is offering the first ever course of its kind to the general public and students: The Philosophy of Motherhood.

Motherhood is a natural and instinctive experience. However, within the context of Christian faith, motherhood is also a vocation: a divine calling to one of the noblest human tasks, whose fulfillment is core to a woman’s life, identity, and purpose.

This course will examine the meaning of pregnancy, childbirth, feeding, and the home as a school of virtue. It will also look at maternity in the history of the family, and problems with motherhood as a political identity.

You will understand motherhood at a deeper level than ever before and be equipped to share a life-changing message to others.

Learn More & Listen to Overview

EWTN invites and encourages you to use the FREE media resources which we offer to benefit all of the members of your family at every stage of life.  Whether you’re seeking to strengthen your faith, educate your children or understand current  issues, you can turn to EWTN’s live and recorded programming as well as to our news, digital and social media outlets 24 hours a day.

Founded by Mother Mary Angelica in 1980, EWTN Global Catholic Network is the largest Catholic media network in the world.

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Get your FREE copy of the exclusive Ave Maria Press Catholic Moms Summit eBook!

This free downloadable eBook features book chapters and excerpts from ALL of the Ave Maria Press authors participating in the Catholic Moms Summit

Plus...Receive 20% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on your entire order at AveMariaPress.com with code SUMMIT.

Ave Maria Press, the home of CatholicMom.com Books, was founded by Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., in 1865 and is recognized as a leader in publishing Catholic high school religion textbooks, parish resources, and books on prayer and spirituality. Ave is a ministry of the United States Province of Holy Cross.

Get Your Free eBook and 20% Discount + Free Shipping

CCL is excited to be in its 50th year of inspiring, educating and supporting couples in family planning that is natural, effective, healthy and consistent with God’s plan for life, love and marriage!

Along with our instruction, CCL offers ongoing support and accompaniment to all couples, including:

Resources to help deepen understanding of marital sexuality

Postpartum help, including online support groups, guided coaching and an online community

New online resources to help moms introduce their daughters to fertility awareness

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Re-set and reconnect; it’s necessary for busy moms. As busy caretakers and family makers, we too need to take care of ourselves. Taking time out of our busy lives to pilgrimage seems impossible until we realize how beneficial it is to our mental health, faith connection, and overall well-being.  At Select International Tours, we understand busy moms as our team consists of busy moms, and we have seen firsthand the benefits travel brings to their lives. 

Many of the speakers at the Catholic Mom’s Summit have traveled on pilgrimage and been pilgrimage leaders. Find out why they carve time out of their lives to pilgrimage at selectinternationaltours.com and when you decide to jump on a trip mention Catholic Mom’s 20 to receive a $100.00 discount on your trip.

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Get all the help you need to be a Catholic Homeschool Family!

For the first time ever, Catholic homeschoolers now have a home – online! Join 9500+ Catholic families from 20+ countries! Learn from homeschool veterans and new voices. Join the community for fellowship. Attend our Events and Workshops! Explore Catholic exhibitors for resources!

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Catholic Answers is proud to be a supporter of The Catholic Mom’s Summit!

We’d like to offer attendees a very special FREE eBook featuring excerpts from Bishop Joseph Strickland’s new book, Light and Leaven: The Challenge of the Laity in the 21st Century

Bishop Joseph Strickland is one of the Church’s boldest and most courageous leaders. His outspoken support of orthodox faith and morals, the sanctity of unborn life, and reforming Catholic institutions have made him a hero even to Catholics outside his little East Texas diocese.

In this very special eBook version of his upcoming book, Light and Leaven, Bishop Strickland offers some ways to handle the current crisis, as well as how healthy marriages are the key to healing our broken world.

Catholic Answers is a media ministry that serves Christ by explaining and defending the Catholic faith. We help Catholics grow in their faith; we bring former Catholics home; and we lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the truth.

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Ignatius Press, founded in 1978 by Father Joseph Fessio, S.J., is a Catholic publishing house based in San Francisco, California. Ignatius Press offers a wide variety of resources, including books, films, novels, catechetical materials, and Bibles such as the new Ignatius Note-Taking and Journaling Bible, which features the RSV (2nd Catholic Edition) translation.

Also available is the comprehensive Ignatius/Magnificat line of children’s books, which includes sturdy board books, beautiful picture books for all ages, children’s missals, graphic novels, chapter books, and more! For more information, visit www.ignatius.com or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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