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Imagine the impact it would have in your parish if hundreds (or thousands!) of men truly understood their roles as husbands and fathers. What would it do for the individual families, the parish, and your community if these men strived to be saints?

Review RISE at no cost!

As a parish leader, you can review RISE at no cost. Please click here to sign up for access. 

RISE Reaches all Men

RISE is particularly suited to be run as a parish or organizational initiative. It's a tool for you to strengthen your current base, while casting a wide net to "start the conversation" with men who normally would not attend a men's group, Bible study, or see themselves as part of a "Church program." 

RISE is available in English, and Spanish (LEVÁNTATE), so that all the men of your parish can step up to the challenge together.

This is a resource that speaks to the hearts of all men, wherever they are on their faith journey. RISE is not a boxed "program." It is a personal journey tailored for each man's state in life, and a call to live up to our true dignity as a sons, brothers, spouses, and fathers. 

Engaging Men at the Parish

As a parish leader, we understand the unique challenges you face to engage men. While RISE is a personal journey for each man, we have created a leader's guide to assist you in running the challenge with weekly meetings, wherein the men are gathered together in an environment that fosters true Christian brotherhood to form.


Men are lonelier than they've ever been. And, even the most faithful men sometimes lack true accountability and brotherhood with other men. With RISE, we encourage all men to journey through the 30 days with another man. This involves daily check-ins, praying for each other, and supporting each other as best they can. A friendship built around a common mission is the starting point for authentic Christian brotherhood.

We provide each man with the guidance necessary to discern, and journey with, their "brother" for the 30-days and beyond. Please click here to download the RISE Brotherhood Guide.

Getting Started

RISE is designed to be a simple initiative to implement, and a simple concept to market to the men and your parish.

Unlike most faith formation programs, there is no need for you to collect registration fees or order workbooks. You just simply tell the men to sign up at and they will individually be granted access to the content for the entire 30-day challenge. 

We have created a Leader's Guide and are offering it for FREE to parishes. Click here to download.

The following marketing materials are available for your use:

  • Video to share the vision with your men. We suggest playing on a projector at the end of weekend Masses.
    • Once you click on the link it will open in a new window. In Chrome, select the download button on the bottom-right of the player. In Safari, right-click on the video and select download.
  • Bulletin & After Mass Announcements
  • Informational Flyer to print & share with your pastor & other leaders
  • Promotional Flyers/Posters:
    • Flyer: click here.
      • Just download, fill in your start-date and parish-specific info in the box, save, and then print or email.
    • Poster: click here.

Please sign up for updates on the homepage of at the bottom of the page to receive our emails.

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1: Schedule a meeting with your pastor to share the vision of what's possible with RISE. Share with him

Step 2: Determine your start date and recruit 1-3 other men to help you.

Step 3: Download the Leader's Guide.

Step 4: Follow the steps in the Leader's Guide to plan and promote RISE at your parish. Posters, flyers, announcements, and video coming first week of January, 2018.

Step 5: Be sure to share the link: with all the men at your parish. Instruct them to sign up for your start date. Encourage them to find a friend/brother to journey with. 

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