Archbishop Charles Chaput

RISE is precisely what is needed today to help men understand and live their unique mission in the world. If every man took the challenge, we’d see a transformation in our homes and parishes. I encourage all parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and beyond to support this movement of men.

Jason Evert

With its compelling testimonies and rich content, RISE offers every man the opportunity to become who God has called him to be, regardless of the past.

Matt Fradd

Christ Stefanick radiates the joy and manliness of Christ. His new series RISE is outstanding! Please tell every man you know about this. And if you're wife or mother, this would make the perfect gift for your husband or son. Outstanding stuff. I'm so glad Chris Stefanick exists.

Bobby Angel

I've gotten to preview this program and it's powerful. Men are called to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on this journey of life.

Here's what the men are saying...

"You know something is really good when you cannot wait to see what is next and you think of all the men with whom you want to share this series when it starts again... Thank you for bringing it to us." -Participant

"I'm so glad I joined this. Each day gets better, but most important; when I read the other comments, I see myself. That lets me know that other men have the same struggles I do. Maybe we fell short in different ways, but we have the same struggles and feelings about our failures and challenges. It feels good to find hope and understanding." -Participant

"This is so awesome. Just when you think your life is terrible, you see a story like this. It makes you see the true light! Father, thank you for loving me!" -Participant

"Simple but transformative." -Participant

"Thank you, God. You know everything and love me still." -Participant

"Knowing that God says that I'm worth dying for is an amazing feeling." -Participant

"The idea that a father can be so loving and in tune with his children is hard for me to understand. I'm glad I'm doing this program.” -Participant

"Brothers, I am at a time when this journey towards sanctity feels rather lonely. This is a refreshing start." -Participant

“This comes at a good time in my life. Lately I've wondered why I should try any more. My efforts usually lead to failure and I tend to stay at the same place spiritually, never feeling I am any closer to becoming a saintly man. "He has a perfect love for you that doesn't depend on success or failure". That definitely speaks to me. I have high hopes the next 30 days will renew hope in me, and begin new habits that will help me spread God's love.” -Participant


Let's RISE!

2018 is the year that Men Will RISE.
Parish and Diocesan leaders may review RISE at no charge.


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