How We Help You Succeed

Your project will be treated like one of our own, with highly personalized attention and concern for detail. With end-to-end content production and direction, platform distribution solutions, branding, and high-level strategy, Cardinal delivers effective high-impact beauty and utility. Check out our reel to see some of our work.


We do: 


  • Short, Full-Length, and Documentary Film Production (Bring Your Story, High Concept, or Mission to Screen)
  • Digital Product Development and Distribution
  • Curriculum and Training Resources
  • Brand Creation and Evolution
  • Video Production and Multimedia Development
  • Multimedia Assets for Development and Fundraising
  • Content Creator Studio Build Out
  • Virtual Event Hosting, Management, and Optimization
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Problems We Make Go Away

  • You need to incorporate multimedia into your business model and strategic plan.
  • You’re a published author and want to explore how to go multimedia and create an online business.
  • You're an expert in your field and want to host a virtual event.
  • Your department has a vision, the budget, and the green light, now you need to make it a reality. 
  • Your Case for Support, donor presentations, and/or high-profile gala dinner is not truly showcasing your successes or connecting the way you know it should. 
  • You’re a skilled professional and want to take what you know and create a course, book, or curriculum to increase your authority, increase your visibility, and create a new revenue and lead stream.
  • You have an idea, a vision, or project that needs to succeed, and you don't want to risk working with a template-driven or point-and-shoot video service or marketing agency that dabbles with or outsources their film production.
  • You have a big idea but need help creating a business model that makes sense and that will keep you focused, productive, and successful.
  • You need an on-boarding or training video series that's deployed professionally within a closed system.
  • You need ongoing professional help for post-production editing and content upload for your video and podcast content, but don’t have the time or expertise.
  • You’re a working entrepreneur or a creative who is overwhelmed, feel trapped, burning out, or need help taking your endeavor to the next level.
  • You consider yourself creative and entrepreneurial but have done little (if anything) with your skills and ideas.
  • You’re involved in a creative project but can’t finish it or don’t know how to put all the pieces together beyond the project itself.
  • You’re an indie film creator and need a team to make your script a reality.

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